Pictures of our 2 pugs, Astro and Yoda!
Astro and Yoda are Pugs - a Chinese breed of dog. They're a small breed - typically around 20 pounds full-grown.
Astro was born in November of 1998, Yoda in August of 1999.
Astro Law - A wonderful loving and appreciative pug died today. He lived from Nov 1998 - Oct 21, 2009. He will always be remembered for the love and joy he brought to our hearts and into our house. I am so sorry Astro... We will see each other again. Thanks so much for being apart of my family and life. For protecting me and comforting me through the years of friendship. Love Always, Angela

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Astro loves to sleep on this pillow! He is saying lool seriously I am shy and don't want my photo to be taken...
Astro loves to sleep on this pillow! He is saying okay why you disturbing me and taking my photo.
Astro loves to lounge outside.
Yoda(front) and Astro(back) brothers forever.
"Old man" Yoda close up
Yoda moping about his brother.
Astro (green color) and Yoda(purple colar) want to say hello to YOU!
Astro(in the back) and Yoda (in the front) aten hut.
Can't leave Yoda out! They BOTH love to play.
Astro and Yoda are best friends!
Astro and Angel are best friends, too!
I'm such a cutie! And so's my mother!
Astro LOVES to play - he's ALWAYS ready!
Play with what? How about the ROPE!?!?!
You're NEVER gonna get this from me!
Of course, the red lobster looks interesting, too...
I'll show that lobster who's boss!
Look! My tongue's 15 feet long!!
Okay, okay, I'm a softie sometimes.

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