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September 16,2023: Our amazing companion Zoe has left us. Memorial page to come.
August 2022: We are moving! To a new house in Methuen.   See it on Realtor.com   See it on Zillow   Find it on Google maps   Photos and floor plan
July 2022: Our house in Wilmington is for sale SOLD!   See it on Zillow   Private site   Staged photos
July 11, 2021: Neat panoramic pic of the North reservior in Winchester: Click here.
July 11, 2021: Another pannoramic pic... of the Charles river esplanade: Click here.
October 30, 2020: Snow in October - again! Click for pics...
March 21, 2019: A very sad day, we lost our sweet Pug Shadow. Click here.
March 2019: A few years ago we had a couple of rescue pugs for a short period that didn't work out. However since they were part of our family, we've decided to put their pages back up. Click the links to read about Charlie and Denali.
October, 2011: IT SNOWED... IN OCTOBER! And not just a few flakes - pix are here .
August, 2011: Oh boy... Eric's gone and done it again: bought another ancient Audi! Click here for details.
August 24, 2010: We now have VIDEO of the "kids" playing. Click here.
August 15, 2010: We have ANOTHER new waggling, furry new addition to the family: Shadow! Click here to see more.
March 19, 2010: We have a new waggling, furry new addition to the family: Zoe! Click here to see more.
October 2009: Eric gets a most-cool new toy... a 1986 Audi 4000 Quattro! Photos are here.
Winter 2005: Big blizzard at the new house! Click here to see some pictures.
Winter 2004: There's no time like snow time!! Click here to see some pictures from the first snow at the new Wilmington house.
Fall 2004: Want to see some beautiful aerial foliage photos? Click here!
Summer 2002: Eric got a new Saab 9000 Aero he LOVES! Photos are here.
Here's a great Picture of us! showcasing Angela's Photoshop skills
We have a lovely collection of pictures of our "children", Astro and Yoda!
Update October 2009: Astro's health problems finally got the best of him and we had to put him down. RIP, he was loved very much and will be sorely missed. :^(
Eric and Angela both have businesses we operate in our "spare" time:
Eric's business is Fore Engineering, specializing in computer consulting
Angela's business is NaturallySpiritual.com, offering products and information for the spiritual community
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